Pompous self-righteous American learns the hard way in Jamaica

Pompous self-righteous American learns the hard way in Jamaica

Americans love traveling to Jamaica and other countries in the Caribbean and beyond. But many times they lack manners and address the natives as servants and subjects. Many times they tend to undermine the natives’ intelligence. The following joke should make one reflect.

A pompous & self-righteous American tourist asked a boat guy from Jamaica, “Do you know Biology, Psychology, Geology, Geography or Criminology?”

The boat guy said, “No I don’t know any of these.”

The tourist, true to form with an air of faux superiority, then said, “What the hell do you know on the face of this Earth? You will die of illiteracy!”

The boat guy said nothing. After all, he is a businessman who knows when to keep his mouth shut. He will likely make a killing from the American tourist.

After a while, the boat developed a fault. The boat began taking on water and started sinking,

The boat guy then asked the tourist, “Do you know Swimiology & Escapology from Crocodiology?”

The tourist said No.”,

The boat guy replied, “Well today you will Drownology & Crocodiology will eat your Assology, And guess what? I will not Helpology & you will Dieology because of your bad Mouthology!”

Don’t laugh alone. Pass on the Jamaicanology to others!